I love to write. I always have. As a child, I moved around a lot. But, no matter where I went.. I was able to find a notebook and a pen. I love the sunshine. I love to feel the warmth of each ray as it embraces my skin. I love to breathe the air in and pick out each individual smell. For this reason, I love to write outside. As a little girl, I loved to climb whatever tree was around and that I could successfully sit in to write. I often wrote poetry then, or what I thought would be the next hit pop song. Back in the 90s while sitting in one of my favorite trees, I listened to NSYNC and Savage Garden. The lighting is so much better than indoors anyway. Despite having a laptop in modern day time, I am typically able to find a good spot. I just intend to write whatever comes to mind. Perhaps a theme I see occur in my own life or in others. Sometimes, I may just vent.. because I can. Perhaps, this will resonate with you, perhaps it won’t. Perhaps you’ll love my writing, perhaps you won’t. Either way, Peace & Love and all my prayers to above. 

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