Some days, my soul aches..

My heart hurts.

The pain cuts too deep….

I can feel too much…..


Too much hate.



I did not ask for this higher sensitivity.

Some days, there is not a coping skill that will help,

there’s just yourself.


Leads to the past…

Thinking of pouring yourself a glass?


It will only make it worse.

It will not lift your curse.

Your mind will not stop the race,

not even after your first taste.

Remember who you are.

And where you came from.

The battle is not over yet.

The scars of today,

will remain tomorrow.



Tommorrow will not be filled with such sorrow.

The pain will not be too much.

It will dull itself,

Until the next time, it decides to make you feel the pain,

from not just yourself,

but everyone else.

GIA MARIE 2017 ©


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